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“Why does my happiness depend on your attention?”
— MB 4:24 a.m (via fvckupss)

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video diaries to where we are tour

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4/100 favorite z/h photos

4/100 favorite z/h photos

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Title: Who We Are: Our Official Autobiography
Artist: One Direction
Played: 578 times

Listen to individual parts here.

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“I once said that for the first audition, ‘I packed everything in my life in a bag.’ That’s completely true. But what I didn’t realize at the time when I was stuffing clothes into my little suitcase was that, pretty much, I was leaving home for good. After One Direction got put together, I was shuttling between Ireland and England for the rest of the show. Then it was The Judges’ Houses and on to the live finals, after which I went home one more time, re-packed the suitcase… and I haven’t lived in Ireland since. It was a case of grabbing some clothes, slinging my guitar over my shoulder and off I went.”
Niall, Who We Are. x (via haikunarry)

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Everyone’s here for Cheryl..

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lwwy 9/28

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