so many of my mutuals getting dragged and so many of my mutuals dragging them and i’m laughing in the background indifferent because if they really had an issue with the person they’d act like a fucking adult and go talk to them in their ask box but naaah y’all fight like 7th graders and talk around each other and side eye

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Chicago, 30/08 x

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its so unfair i never got to see zayn im a good person ive been a good person for 20 years why is life playing me like that

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hazarryous replied to your post: um do ppl properly celebrate name days…

What’s a name day??

i think it’s only celebrated in a few europian countries?? basically, ur country has it’s name day calendar which includes the majority of the most popular and traditional names in ur country like a few names for each day of the year , see, here u can see that it’s mine today : ))

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Anonymous asked:
"#low key married couple #zayn making dinner and then going for harry who's in the other room #finds a peel on his way and two steps further a harry sat down in lotus with his mouth stuffed full #'harreh dinner's ready couldn't u wait a little' #harry does the face #zayn rolls his eyes and sighs deeply and #leans down to kiss away the banana remnants from the corner of harry's mouth.." .... why


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um do ppl properly celebrate name days at ur country?

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